Michel Delacroix

Michel Delacroix is an internationally renowned French painter and one of the most popular artists in the world today. A self-styled “painter of dreams and of the poetic past,” his works have been featured in more than three hundred solo exhibitions from New York City to Los Angeles. As a guest of The Hermitage, you have the opportunity to view our extensive collection of Delacroix paintings and artwork, including a select few that feature The Hermitage.

You will acquire a deep sense of the complimentary relationship shared between the Delacroix Art and the inn. They exude the same ambience, charm, rich beauty, and warm camaraderie, which we encourage you to bring back to your own home. Reserve a room to view the entire collection.

Michel Delacroix tells of his paintings and passion,

“I admire the hearty, hard-working but playful people of unpretentious neighborhoods. They are brave, simple folk who love to make celebrations in the streets. I paint scenes of their life in a manner that gives no hint of struggle or strife or the frustrations experienced by ordinary Parisians. I choose to recall, rather, the simple joys of living. In my pictures there is mostly beauty and life. The view is given a glimpse of Paris from the perspective of a happy child. Each of my works is intimate and personal and I try to convey a sense of peace and love. There is enough ugliness and violence.”
–An Excerpt taken from Michel Delacroix’s Paris
Text by Richard Howard

This book is available for sale and your reading pleasure at The Hermitage.

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